The Immigrant Tours by Rah Tours

 Every year hundreds of thousands of immigrants settle into Canada. Upon arrival, new immigrants face a number of challenges and obstacles and struggle to adapt to their new country. We at Immigrant Tours recognize that many new Iranian immigrants to Canada suffer from not knowing about their new environment. This lack of knowledge then makes them vulnerable to making ill-advised decisions and suffering from their consequences. It is our goal to provide Iranian immigrants with the knowledge they need to start their new lives in Canada.
The Immigrant Tours is a comprehensive 10 day package tailored specifically to meet the needs of Iranian immigrants to Canada. The following is brief description of what the Immigrant Tours entails:
- Meet and greet at the airport upon arrival and transfer to hotel
- 10 days of comfortable accommodation
- Assistance in obtaining necessary Canadian Identification such as OHIP card, driverís License and SIN card during the first days of arrival
- Introduction to free government resources and services for new immigrants
- Valuable workshops to familiarize Iranian immigrants to the essential knowledge they need to have in order to live and work successfully in Canada. The workshops cover topics such as work, education, investment and banking, the Canadian tax system, insurance, transportation and buying a house. The workshops are conducted by the most knowledgeable and trust worthy Iranian professionals in Canada.
- Entertainment and sightseeing including: Toronto, Niagara Falls, Thousand Islands, etc.

Our Mission:

It is our goal at Immigrant Tours to provide support, quality service and up to date information to immigrants to Canada. Our team of highly dedicated and knowledgeable professionals with different areas of expertise and years of experience will help you make your settlement in Canada a very successful one. Your success in Canada is our number one priority.